Friday, July 18, 2008

Here we go AGAIN!

Once again, we embark on our Journey traveling the United States and Canada driving a truck for CFI/Con-Way Truckload. Jane's shoulder surgery went well, and after being off of work since February of this year, we are both happy to be back on the road. We missed the traveling and visiting our friends and family during our travels.

After being released to go back to work by the doctor, we finally were assigned a truck which we were required to pick up in Joplin, MO. We drove our pickup truck from Waxahachie, TX to Joplin, and immediately began "moving into" the truck. It is amazing the amount of equipment and personal gear a couple can carry inside the sleeper of a commercial truck. After being on the road for almost a week, we still have not been successful at organizing everything to suit us.

We were assigned our first load picking up in Kansas and delivering in New Jersey. The delivery was set for the several days later, so we had plenty of time to "mosie along" and enjoy the sites. We crossed back through Missouri, and then began the long trek across Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and finally New Jersey.

The drive across the country was nice, the weather good. Jane's shoulder bothered her a little, but nothing unbearable. We would stop along the way at truck stops to walk the dogs, eat supper, work on our sculpts, and then go to bed.
The new truck that they issued to us is a nice truck, except the previous driver took out all of the storage units, for some weird reason. We have been challenged to find room to store things, but we are slowly getting it in order.
Joe enjoyed using his new camera on the road. He is now using a SLR digital camera he got as a gift from Jane at Valentine's Day. Since we lost our archives of photos from years of driving, he has been taking lots of pictures. The external hard drive we use for backing up our data and photos, etc., lost it's formatting somehow, and we were not able to recover it.
We got to see much of our favorite sections of the U.S. when we drove through West Virginia and Pennsylvania. It is a country filled with many hills and beautiful trees. Stopping along the way at one of our favorite stores, Cabela's Sporting Store, we enjoyed a few minutes of browsing and "hope" shopping.
We made our deliver in New Jersey and were dispatched to pick up another load not far away. The next load was a short one that would take us to the southern part of Virginia. After making our delivery in Virginia the next day, we were dispatched to pick up a load out of Winston-Salem, NC, going to a suburb outside of San Francisco, California. We are excited to get the miles taking us from one coast to the next. However, it is a time sensitive load, and we don't have a lot of time to dally and do much shopping or looking around.
We left North Carolina on Saturday, and we are due in California on Tuesday. This wil make for several long days, shutting down late, and starting out early.
Jane has already contacted some of the members of her Ploymer Clay group with which she is involved, and is preparing to stop and have coffee with them if it can be worked out. In any case, we will be traveling across the country on a southernly route, keeping us in the heat we had desperately hoped to avoid. Oh well, winter will be on us before we know it, and we will be wishing for heat again.
We drove across the gorge in North Carolina, just before entering Tennessee and shutting down for the night. We found a truck parking area with room to park for the night, and settled in to prepare for the bed. We will be taking lots more photograps along the way.

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Debbie said...

stay safe you 2!!!! Don't forget to show your travelling clay studio, LOL.

Matthew said...

Hey there y'all!! Great to hear that you are bak on the road...I'm sure you guys must have been going stir crazy. LOL. So going to CA huh? If there is any chance y'all should trek south a bit and swing by and see me. I'd love to see you guys. I'm going in to start a root canal today, which I'm not to excited about but I gotta get it done. Other than that..things are going well. I hope you guys are doing good.



Anonymous said...

Hello, Sis!!! I'm hope you take care of yourself starting out on this new journey! I sure have missed you.

All is well here in Florida. I've been married for 16 months now! Who would have ever imagined that for this old lady????

How about remember me if you get down around Gainesville, Fl.

Love you guys & love your site!


Anonymous said...

I'll be keeping up with your photos. Good to see you are both well enough to hit the road again.


Ur Daughter said...

Hey Mom and Dad!!! We are so excited to see u guys back on the road again!! We are looking forward to seeing u guys soon. Tell dad to keep up the great work on the page. BTW....Mom u look great with the weight loss!! Keep it losing!!!! Well TTYL!! Love and miss u both!!!!

Jayson said...

Hey guys, great to hear from you. I am living in Katy, Texas with my wife, stepson, stepdaughter, cat (sunny), and 3 dogs (Jackie, Mia, and Lil Fella). If you ever come by I-10 West and Fry Road, give me a shout. I am 2 miles North of I-10 on Fry road. Glad to hear Jane is doing well. I am still working hard with heroin and opiate addicts in Northwest Houston. Love you guys.

Matthew said...

That was a great post you guys! Loved all of the pictures too. :D Yeah...that is too bad that y'all couldn't come down to see me. I'm sure there will be plenty of other opportunities for sure. Take care of that arm Jane...I love you guys and hope to be able to see you soon.